The Benefits and Charms of Sake Bottles

Sake Bottle

As many as sake varieties are the number of sake bottles to choose from. Any sake lover has endless choices, from sleek and simple to bizarre-looking bottles ~ yet these aren’t all for show.

Be amazed at how one brew transforms into flavorful aromas and taste. With sake bottles of various forms and uses, you’ll surely get your own pick!

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35 Stylish Cocktails you can make at home with Sake

Sake Cocktails

Looking for a different way to enjoy sake?

We’ve searched for the best sake cocktail recipes available out there. From fresh to sweet, you surely won’t run out of choices.

Here are 35 sake cocktails. Each one is absolutely simple to make, and takes no time at all.

Go ahead and get creative as we give you these simple yet stylish sake cocktails.

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Three Facts You Must Know to Get Gluten-free Sake


Have you ever skimmed over a sake bottle label and could not find anything about gluten?

While 18 Million people in the United States have gluten sensitivity, this condition is not common in Japan. That’s why food and drink manufacturers rarely provide gluten-related information.

But don’t worry. You only need to keep three things in mind for a gluten-free sake experience.

Read on!

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Sake ~ Its Alcohol Content and Simple Tips to Enjoy It


‘Is sake too strong for me?’… ‘How can I enjoy sake without getting drunk?’

You may probably have asked yourself any of these questions. Regardless of your alcohol tolerance or the type of sake you drink, knowing the right alcohol level is the key to enjoying this brew.

In this article, we show you various strengths of sake and effective ways to give you a full, fun sake experience.

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Light and Temperature: Keys to Storing Sake

Sake wrapped newspaper

If you thought that storing sake is similar to storing wine, then think again.

Storing your premium sake to last for months while keeping its quality high is one of the most common issues. Well, there’s a way to overcome this — you just need to focus on two points (yes, just two).

We’ve prepared some basic handling tips to keep your sake as best as possible.

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The Secrets of Sake Rice Every Fan Must Know

Sake rice

Japanese Sake is made from a special rice called sake rice (Saka Mai). Its unique attributes influence the flavor profile of sake.

By understanding it, you will appreciate why similar types of sake can taste different and what makes high grade sake, high grade.

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The Similarities of Sake, Wine, and Beer

Sake rice wine

You may think of sake as a spirit, like vodka, because of its appearance and its glassware. But unlike vodka, sake falls under the category of fermented beverages like wine and beer. If you like either of the two, you’ll be surprised to find out that you might like sake, too.

Here, you’ll come to understand sake based on its similarities (and differences) with the more common alcoholic fermented beverages—beer and wine. This perspective will let you easily select and enjoy various sake products.

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Sake Brewery Tours in Tokyo

Sake Brewery

Recently, sake brewery tours have become one of the best sightseeing activities in Japan.

When you visit, you will visibly feel the traditional ambience of sake brewing, and you may even get the opportunity to drink sake for free.

Describing the sake brewery experience is beyond the ability of written words. Going there and immersing yourself is the (only) best option.

So, which ones should I visit? Scroll down to find out!

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